22 Gifts for Cider Lovers: Unwrap the Magic of Thoughtfulness

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Explore the World of Cider Gifts: From Apple Cider to Craft Hard Cider Selections

Welcome to the ultimate hub for cider enthusiasts! Whether it’s the rich flavor of apple cider, the bold taste of craft hard cider, or unique tasting experiences, our curated collection of cider-related gifts will delight the palate of every cider lover. From specially designed cider fridges to exclusive tasting sets, discover the perfect gifts that embody the craft and tradition of cider making.

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Craft Cider Delights: Tasting Sets, Hard Cider Collections, and More

Embark on a journey through the world of craft cider with our exquisite tasting sets and hard cider collections. Allow the cider lover in your life to explore new flavors and aromas with guided tasting experiences, or indulge in a handpicked selection of artisanal hard ciders. Looking for something unique? Our craft cider-making kits provide everything needed to create delicious homemade apple cider, right from the comfort of your kitchen.

Essential Cider Accessories: From Cider Fridges to Exclusive Glassware

Enhance the cider experience with our range of essential cider accessories. Our specially designed cider fridges offer the perfect storage solution, keeping ciders at optimal temperatures for enjoyment. Complement the taste with exclusive glassware crafted to accentuate the flavors and aromas of apple cider and hard cider. Whether it’s a functional fridge or elegant serving options, find the perfect addition to any cider enthusiast’s collection.

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Cider Lovers Gift List

1. Cider Making Kit

gifts for cider lovers-Cider Making Kit

The kit features a patented pro-style conical fermenter that eliminates sediment, ensuring consistent and impressive results. With easy-to-use recipes, this 2-gallon kit allows for quick preparation and produces delicious cider every time. The New Zealand recipe captures the essence of fine-quality apples from fertile orchards, offering a dry and refreshing flavor profile. With a focus on the recipe rather than the brewing process, this kit provides a unique and enjoyable experience for cider enthusiasts, making it a perfect gift choice.

2. The Everything Hard Cider Book

gifts for cider lovers-The Everything Hard Cider Book

This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of the cider-making process, from selecting the right apples and ingredients to fermentation, flavoring, and bottling techniques. With step-by-step instructions and practical tips, this book equips cider enthusiasts with the knowledge and confidence to create their own unique and delicious batches of hard cider. Whether they are beginners or experienced homebrewers, cider lovers will appreciate the range of recipes, insights, and advice provided in this book, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore the art of making hard cider in the comfort of their own kitchen.

3. Cider Brew Candle

gifts for cider lovers-Cider Brew Candle

An exceptional gift for cider lovers as it combines their love for cider with the warmth of a scented candle. Crafted from recycled beer bottles, these candles offer a creative twist and a pleasant aroma that’s inspired by the notes of the named beer varieties. The high-quality soy wax blend and lead-free wick ensure a clean and long-lasting burn, and the packaging makes it an ideal housewarming or holiday gift.

4. Hard Cider Kit

gifts for cider lovers-Hard Cider Kit

This kit provides all the equipment and supplies needed to make 1 gallon of dry sparkling cider. With its focus on education and ease of use, the kit is perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, offering a fun and informative experience. Crafted in the USA with a commitment to quality, this kit allows cider enthusiasts to enjoy the satisfaction of brewing their own cider.

5. Hot Apple Cider Kit

gifts for cider lovers-Hot Apple Cider Kit

This giftbox includes pre-measured spices and ingredients to make 12 servings of a delicious treat. The easy-to-follow recipe card ensures a successful outcome, and the beautifully packaged set makes it an excellent choice for housewarming or holiday gifting. With a focus on convenience and enjoyment, this set provides a delightful way for cider lovers to indulge in their favorite seasonal flavors.

6. Honey Pear Cider Candle

gifts for cider lovers-Honey Pear Cider Candle

An ideal gift for cider lovers who appreciate the sensory delights of both cider and cozy scents. This scented candle offers a captivating experience with its blend of honey-glazed aromas, including anjou pear, honey crisp apple, cinnamon, and clove. The heavenly scent elevates any living space, filling it with warmth and sweetness reminiscent of cider season. The decorative aspect of the candle adds to its charm, featuring an embossed honey bee fluttering around the hive.

7. Digital Refractometer

gifts for cider lovers-Digital Refractometer

A practical gift for cider lovers who are interested in measuring sugar content with precision. This device offers accurate readings and automatic temperature compensation for reliable results. With a wide measurement range suitable for various applications, this refractometer is versatile and can be used for different industries, including cider-making. The high-quality product includes accessories like a lens cleaning cloth and dipping test tubes, along with exceptional customer service, making it a valuable and useful gift choice.

8. Diffuser Set

gifts for cider lovers-Diffuser Set

A wonderful gift for cider lovers who appreciate both scents and aesthetics. This set includes a reed diffuser with scents of hot cider, cinnamon, cloves, apple, and nutmeg. The long-lasting aroma creates a cozy atmosphere, and the decorative jar featuring an embossed honey bee adds a charming touch to any space. Handmade in the USA with quality wax and wicks, this diffuser set is a thoughtful and stylish gift option, perfect for housewarming, birthdays, or other special occasions.

9. Tasters Glasses

gifts for cider lovers-Tasters Glasses

A delightful gift for cider lovers who enjoy tasting various spirits. This set of 6 crystal shot glasses is designed for enjoying different alcoholic beverages. With a lead-free and safe design, these glasses are perfect for sipping and are dishwasher-friendly. The 5 oz capacity makes them suitable for a range of drinks, from brandy to tequila. Presented in a gift-ready package, these shot glasses make a stylish and practical gift option for any cider enthusiast.

10. Personalized Pint Glass

gifts for cider lovers-Personalized Pint Glass

A personalized touch for cider lovers. This custom-engraved glass allows you to add a unique message or design, making it a thoughtful and individualized gift option. Whether for birthdays, celebrations, or special occasions, the ability to personalize the glass adds a meaningful touch that showcases your care and creativity. With its durable construction and permanent laser-etched design, this glass is both practical and sentimental, making it a great choice for those who appreciate the finer details in their gifts.

11. Brew Bags

gifts for cider lovers-Brew Bags

A practical and versatile gift for cider lovers who are also homebrewing enthusiasts. These reusable wine straining bags offer a fine mesh filter made of food-safe polyester, ensuring efficient filtration and drainage while preventing loose fibers from contaminating the brew. The durability of the bags is emphasized through their heat resistance, making them boiling-safe for the cider-making process. With a focus on simplified procedures, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness, these bags streamline the all-grain beer brewing process, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced brewers. Their easy cleanup and quick drying properties further enhance the brewing experience, making these brew bags a valuable addition to any cider lover’s homebrewing setup.

12. Blueberry Hard Cider Recipe Kit

gifts for cider lovers-Blueberry Hard Cider Recipe Kit

With its promise of consistent and impressive results, this kit stands out by offering recipes that are not only delicious but also quick and straightforward to prepare. The use of premium apples sourced from New Zealand’s fertile orchards, handpicked at their peak of ripeness and expertly prepared by skilled brewers, ensures that the cider’s flavor profiles are truly exceptional. Everything needed for a successful batch is included, making it easy to create a superb 5.5% ABV blueberry hard cider right at home, providing a satisfying and flavorful experience for all cider aficionados.

13. Craft Beer Glasses

gifts for cider lovers-Craft Beer Glasses

An excellent gift for cider lovers who appreciate the nuances of enjoying their favorite beverage. Designed and crafted in Italy, these glasses are specifically shaped to enhance the cider-drinking experience. The foam control system at the base ensures that the foam and aromas are maintained at an optimal level, enhancing the sensory aspects of cider consumption. Made from lead-free crystal glass, these cider glasses offer both elegance and functionality, making them a perfect addition to any cider enthusiast’s collection.

14. Angry Orchard Neon Sign

gifts for cider lovers-Angry Orchard Neon Sign

A touch of aesthetic and ambiance to the spaces of cider lovers. This neon glass tubing sign features an Angry Orchard Hard Cider design that’s visually arresting in the dark, making it a conversation starter. Handcrafted with real glass tubing, this sign emits a consistent and uniform glow, contributing to a lively atmosphere. The size of the sign, along with its unique HD vivid printing technology, creates a lasting and visually appealing addition to man caves, bars, and other social spaces, making it a thoughtful gift for those who enjoy the aesthetic appeal of neon signs.

15. Fruit Wine Press

gifts for cider lovers-Fruit Wine Press

Crafted from solid wood and featuring a heavy-duty construction, this press effectively crushes fruits like apples, grapes, and berries to extract juice. The environmental health aspect is highlighted through its handmade and durable design, allowing for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, and easy clean-up. With its unique design and functional features, including a screw hole for added stability, this press enables cider lovers to engage in the rewarding process of producing their own beverages, making it a valuable addition to their homebrewing toolkit.

16. Homebrewing Logbook and Recipe Journal

gifts for cider lovers-Homebrewing Logbook and Recipe Journal

This journal provides a dedicated space for recording homebrewing recipes, notes, and observations. With 120 pages, it offers ample room for documenting brewing processes, ingredients, and outcomes. Its compact size and user-friendly layout make it a convenient tool for cider enthusiasts to keep track of their brewing journey and refine their techniques, making it an excellent gift choice for those who are passionate about perfecting their homebrewing skills.

17. Flip Top Glass Bottle

gifts for cider lovers-Flip Top Glass Bottle

This set of 6 swing-top brewing bottles offers an airtight lid and leak-proof cap, ensuring the freshness and quality of the stored liquids, including cider. The thick and durable glass construction protects the contents from impact and temperature changes, making it suitable for various beverages. With its environmentally friendly design, these bottles are a great alternative to plastic and are perfect for storing cider, kombucha, beer, and other liquids. The easy-to-use swing-top mechanism and ample 1-liter size make these bottles a practical addition to any cider lover’s homebrewing supplies.

18. Amber Glass Beer Bottles

gifts for cider lovers-Amber Glass Beer Bottles

Crafted with sturdy and thick amber glass, these bottles effectively filter light to protect the integrity of the home brew, making them an ideal vessel for various creations including cider, beer, Kombucha, and more. Their eco-friendly composition ensures a responsible choice as they are both recyclable and made from non-toxic materials.

19. Hydrometer

gifts for cider lovers-Hydrometer

This all-in-one kit includes two precision hydrometers, a 250ml test jar, a protective case, and a nylon brush. With its easy-to-read triple scale, this hydrometer accurately calculates Alcohol % (ABV), making it an essential tool for tracking the brewing progress and ensuring optimal results. The set’s versatility extends beyond cider, accommodating home brewers in creating various beverages like wine, beer, mead, and kombucha. The inclusion of a money-back guarantee underscores the manufacturer’s confidence in this product’s quality, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for cider enthusiasts who are eager to refine their home brewing techniques.

20. Blackberry Hard Cider Recipe Kit

gifts for cider lovers-Blackberry Hard Cider Recipe Kit

With a focus on simplicity and excellent results, this kit sets itself apart by offering recipes that are quick to prepare and yield impressive flavors. The use of high-quality apples grown in the fertile orchards of New Zealand ensures an exceptional taste experience, as these apples are carefully selected at the peak of ripeness and expertly prepared by master brewers. The inclusion of all necessary ingredients for a 2-gallon batch of blackberry hard cider makes it convenient and hassle-free for cider enthusiasts to create their own batches at home. This kit empowers cider lovers to embark on a creative journey, resulting in great-tasting homemade hard cider that can be enjoyed with pride.

21. Tasting Flight Rack

gifts for cider lovers-Tasting Flight Rack

This set, featuring a handsome dark brown wood carrying tray and four beer tasting glasses, allows cider enthusiasts to create an elevated tasting experience for themselves and their guests. The rustic design adds a touch of sophistication to craft beer sampling, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the beverages. With convenient indentations to hold bottle caps for easy identification, this flight rack caters to both draft and bottled beer options, making it versatile for different preferences. Its potential for customization, such as adding logos or names, opens up opportunities for personalization and even potential entrepreneurial endeavors. The approximate dimensions ensure its practicality and ease of use, making it a delightful gift choice for cider lovers who value both style and substance in their tasting experiences.

22. Cider Making Book

gifts for cider lovers-Cider Making Book

This comprehensive guide offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all aspects of cidermaking, from the intricacies of fermentation to the art of flavoring and refining the final product. With its detailed exploration of various phases of fermentation and a diverse range of flavor profiles and styles, this book serves as an indispensable resource for both beginners and experienced cidermakers. The inclusion of cider recipes that span a wide array of ingredients and styles, such as New England, Spanish, and late-season ciders, ensures that cider enthusiasts can experiment and craft their own signature creations. The book’s expert insights, accompanied by full-color photos, make it an inspiring and informative companion for anyone interested in mastering the craft of cidermaking.


Raise a glass to the love of cider with our exceptional range of gifts. From craft cider tasting experiences to the practicality of a cider fridge, our collection promises to satisfy every cider lover’s taste and preference. Explore the wonderful world of apple cider, savor the robust flavors of hard cider, and embrace the craft of this beloved beverage. Discover the perfect gift today and toast to the joy of cider!

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