15 Gifts for Outdoor Volleyball Players: Spike It Right

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Welcome to our guide featuring 15 gifts for outdoor volleyball players! If you’re looking to surprise an outdoor volleyball enthusiast or enhance your own game, we’ve got you covered. From essential gear to accessories that maximize performance and style, our curated selection is designed to gear you up for a spike-tacular experience on the outdoor courts. Discover the perfect gift that combines functionality, durability, and a touch of flair to take your outdoor volleyball game to new heights.

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Our collection includes a range of must-have gear for outdoor volleyball players. From high-quality volleyball nets and poles to professional-grade volleyball balls designed for outdoor play, we’ve got the essentials covered. We also feature specialized equipment like beach volleyball sets, sand socks for enhanced grip, and protective gear such as knee pads and sunglasses. With our selection, you’ll be ready to bump, set, and spike your way to victory in the great outdoors.

In addition to gear, we offer stylish and practical accessories that elevate your outdoor volleyball experience. From performance apparel and footwear designed to withstand outdoor conditions to volleyball-themed beach towels and water bottles, we’ve got you covered. Stay comfortable, cool, and hydrated while showcasing your love for the sport with our top-rated accessories. Whether you’re playing for fun or in competitive matches, these gifts will ensure you’re well-prepared and looking your best on the outdoor courts.

Gear up and spike it right with our handpicked selection of 15 gift ideas for outdoor volleyball players. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a volleyball enthusiast in your life, our guide will help you find the perfect presents to enhance your outdoor volleyball game. Get ready to dig, dive, and dominate the game with gear that’s built to withstand the challenges of outdoor play. Let the fun and excitement of outdoor volleyball begin!

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Check out our gifts for indoor volleyball players, if you are looking for more ideas

1. WILSON AVP Game Volleyballs- Official Size

The official volleyball of the AVP pro tour. The breakthrough design of the OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball brings a whole new visual approach to the beach. New VST (visual spin technology) uses strategic color variance to enhance the human eye’s ability to detect spin on the ball. A vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics allow the ball to be more easily tracked in the diverse environments of beach volleyball, like clouds, sky, sand, water, and crowds. With the OPTX AVP Volleyball, you’ll see the game like never before.

2. Sand Socks

These 3mm neoprene socks for water sports and beach activities are cool, the ergonomic design makes no wrinkle on feet back, it’s very comfortable to wear them to walk on the beach or in the water without shoes. These beach socks provide great insulation for cooler waters and great protection for your soles, keep your feet warm and protect your feet from injury while doing water sports and beach activities.

3. Electric Ball Pump

As an electric ball pump, the Pumteck MY01 ball pump gets rid of the inefficient and exhausting features from the push-pull ball pumps. Also, it comes with an advanced LCD gauge design that can detect the ball pressure accurately. It will inflates the sports balls automatically with accurate pressure.

4. Beach Volleyball Court Lines

SandVoll Beach Volleyball Boundary Lines are an essential accessory to complete your beach volleyball set, and take your beach volleyball game to the next level! Whether it’s the middle of summer or the depths of winter. These volleyball outdoor lines are clear and easy to set up and wide for visibility and stability, making it easy to determine if the ball is in or out. Whether you’re a seasoned beach volleyball pro or just looking to have some fun in the sun, SandVoll Beach Volleyball Court Boundary Lines are a reliable choice for any beach volleyball game. These lines are built to last and are an important accessory for your beach volleyball set.

5. Neck Fan

ASNUG Neck Fan, Bladeless Neck Fan, USB Rechargeable Personal Fan, 4000 mAh Battery Operated Neck Fan, 3 Speeds Adjustable, Faster Cooling, Ultra Quiet, Suitable for Home, Office, Travel, Sports

6. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Experience beachside luxury with a premium microfiber beach towel. Crafted from ultra-soft, absorbent microfiber fabric, it dries quickly for ultimate convenience. The lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry in your beach bag. With its generous size and vibrant designs, you can relax and sunbathe in style. Shake off sand effortlessly, thanks to its sand-resistant properties. The towel is machine washable, ensuring long-lasting softness and vibrant colors. Upgrade your beach essentials with this durable and stylish microfiber towel. Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf with the ultimate beach side companion.

7. Volleyball Bath Bomb

Volleyball players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit scented bath bomb. These basketball bath bombs make perfect volleyball gifts for volleyball players, coaches, enthusiasts, league members, and even as volleyball gifts for teams that you play against. Give a full set of 3, or take advantage of our individually wrapped bath bombs to gift them individually. Hand made in the USA.

8. Crocs Flip Flops

You just got home from a long day, sink into the couch, and relax with an “ahhhhh”. That’s the feeling the Mellow Collection brings to the mind and body. Kick back and relax in our most comfortable slides yet, with a simple yet modern design. This mood-boosting silhouette creates the bliss found in pure comfort with a new blend of EVA foam that lets your feet melt into the footbeds. Mellow out with the squishy comfort of the Mellow Collection.


Sandscreen is a must have item in every beach bag! Enjoy the beach, without the hassle of the sand. Sandscreen keeps the sand off, so you can have a cleaner, better beach experience. No more sand in your bag, car, or your home. Enjoy the beach, without the sand. Our proprietary powder is talc-free, reef friendly, gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. Only the best for you and your family. As lifelong beach goers, we love the beach but hate the hassle of the sand. Not only is sand a mess, but it leaves your skin feeling dry, gritty and unclean but not anymore with Sandscreen. Sandscreen is designed to remove the sand and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

10. 4-Way Volleyball Net with Carrying Backpack & Ball

CROSSNET Original is the first ever fully adjustable, 4-way volleyball net and the perfect game for all occasions. An essential for parties, barbecues, and tailgating events, and the perfect gift for your outdoor host, CROSSNET is an active game of four square meets volleyball. Perfectly sized for four players per round, CROSSNET offers you and your crew safe, simple, and foolproof fun! Built to last and perfect for your next outing, this high quality net is sure to be a staple of your summer fun! Whether you’re out at the beach, the park, or up at the lake, CROSSNET is the perfect catalyst for family fun and some friendly competition!

11. Theragun Portable Massager

Theragun Mini offers all the benefits of handheld percussion therapy in a convenient pocket-size. Theragun quality meets ultimate portability. The Mini 2.0 is 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the previous generation. With a 3 more attachments and 3 speeds, your device has the power to massage any area like a pro. Massage on the go with ultra-quiet deep penetrating technology. Ultra quiet with advanced sound insulation and premium design. Melt away your tension and empower your recovery with Theragun deep tissue handheld massage gun.

13. KT Tape

Experience the game-changing support of KT Tape. Trusted by professionals and designed for athletes of all levels, it aids in injury prevention and recovery. Made from breathable cotton fabric, it offers comfort and flexibility without leaving residue. Mimicking human skin elasticity, it provides support while allowing a full range of motion. Targeted application assists with various issues like knee pain and ankle sprains. Its water-resistant properties ensure it stays in place during intense workouts. With easy application and pre-cut sizes, it’s suitable for athletes and everyday activities. Trust in the power of KT Tape to enhance your performance and keep you in the game.

14. Soundcore Anker Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth Speaker

The Motion Boom Plus outdoor speaker offers epic 80W stereo sound with powerful woofers, tweeters, and enhanced bass. It is lightweight and highly portable, featuring a built-in handle and detachable strap. Customize your sound with adjustable EQ settings for optimal audio experience. This speaker is water and dust resistant with an IP67 certification, ensuring durability in various outdoor conditions. Enjoy up to 20 hours of playtime with the 13,400mAh battery capacity and take advantage of the built-in power bank to charge other devices on the go.

15. Spiky Massage Ball

The Master of Muscle Mauler Ball is the ultimate tool for relieving plantar fasciitis and foot pain. Made of durable solid rubber, the spiked balls effectively target deep muscle knots and withstand body weight. The stimulating spiky outer layer enhances circulation and massages trigger points throughout the body, aiding in pre and post-workout recovery.

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