38 Gifts for Disc Golf Players: Unique and Thrilling Choices

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The Ultimate Disc Golf Gift Guide

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, finding the perfect gift for a disc golf enthusiast can seem like a challenging task. But don’t fret—we’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the ideal gift for anyone passionate about disc golf. From essential items like discs and baskets to handy accessories like bags and rangefinders, we’ve got all bases covered to make your gift-giving experience a hole-in-one.

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Essential Equipment: Discs and Baskets for the Win

For any disc golf player, the essentials begin with high-quality discs and baskets. Discs come in various types, each designed for specific shots—from drivers to mid-range discs to putters. A set of premium discs makes an excellent gift for both beginners and seasoned players. Baskets, on the other hand, are what every disc golfer aims for. Whether it’s a portable basket for practice or a permanent one for a more established course, a good-quality basket can drastically improve the game and make for an exceptional gift.

Convenient Accessories: Bags and Rangefinders

While discs and baskets are the primary elements of disc golf, accessories can significantly enhance the game. A durable bag designed to hold multiple discs can make carrying equipment around the course much easier. And for the disc golfer who takes the game seriously, a rangefinder can be an invaluable tool. It helps measure distances to the basket, allowing for more accurate throws and better strategy. These accessories not only make the game more enjoyable but also show your thoughtfulness in selecting a gift that adds value to the recipient’s disc golf experience.

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Disc Golf Gift List

1. Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

gifts for disc golf-Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

This practice basket brings a professional disc golf experience to your backyard with its 24 chains designed to eliminate weak spots. Quick assembly means you can start practicing in under a minute. The all-metal construction ensures durability, while the PDGA standards make this basket suitable for even serious players.

2. Disc Golf Cleaning Towel Case with Microfiber Cloth

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Cleaning Towel Case with Microfiber Cloth

Ideal for wet and muddy conditions, this disc cleaning tool comes with a microfiber cloth and carabiner clip for easy carrying. It offers efficient cleaning without getting your hands dirty and is compatible with any disc golf disc with a diameter of 10.6 inches or less. The water-resistant materials make it easy to wash, making it a must-have for avid disc golfers.

3. Telescoping Disc Golf Retriever

gifts for disc golf-Telescoping Disc Golf Retriever

Save your favorite discs and strokes with this 16-foot telescoping retriever. It’s storage-friendly with an 18-inch collapsed length and features a rubber handle for extra grip. The 2-pronged claw mechanism ensures you can retrieve discs from trees or water hazards safely.

4. Disc Golf Chalk Bag

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Chalk Bag

Designed to increase grip and manage sweaty hands, this chalk bag is a unique but effective accessory for disc golfers. Made from high-quality materials and easily attachable to any bag or cart, it aids players in getting a more consistent grip on their discs.

5. Resistance Trainer for Disc Golf

gifts for disc golf-Resistance Trainer for Disc Golf

This resistance trainer helps you improve both your backhand and forehand throws. Easy to use and versatile in setting, it comes with different strength settings that work your arm muscles and improve your throwing form. Made from comfortable materials, it’s a comprehensive package for anyone looking to step up their disc golf game.

6. Disc Golf Dye Starter Kit

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Dye Starter Kit

This kit allows you to personalize your discs with six different dye colors. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, it works with all types of disc plastic and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

7. LED Disc Golf Lights

gifts for disc golf-LED Disc Golf Lights

Transform your nighttime disc golf experience with this LED light strip that offers up to 16 color options via remote control. Easy to install and weather-resistant, it’s a wonderful addition for any disc golf basket.

8. Water Disc Retrieval

gifts for disc golf-Water Disc Retrieval

This retriever comes with a 50ft premium rope and a safety ring, ensuring efficient and secure disc retrieval from water hazards. Professionally tied knots make this a reliable choice.

9. Disc Golf Set

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Set

Ideal for newcomers, this set includes three of the most popular discs from Dynamic Discs. Handpicked by World Champions, these discs are perfect for those looking to improve their game.

10. Disc Slinger Bag

gifts for disc golf-Disc Slinger Bag

This deluxe backpack is an excellent gift for any disc golf enthusiast. The backpack’s storage capacity holds up to 12 discs, and it includes an extra pouch specifically for putters or oversized discs. Additional features like the zippered pocket for valuables and adjustable shoulder strap make it both functional and comfortable for long games. Plus, the towel clip and drink holder offer the added convenience that can make all the difference on the course.

11. Disc Golf Bag Pins

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Bag Pins

Give the gift of personality and style with these unique disc golf bag pins. Made from durable enamel, these pins are not only visually appealing but long-lasting, and they can easily be attached or detached from the bag. They come in various themes, allowing the player to personalize their bag and stand out from the crowd. It’s a small but significant way to elevate someone’s disc golf experience.

12. Micro Disc Golf Basket

gifts for disc golf-Micro Disc Golf Basket

This miniature disc golf basket serves as an entertaining and fun conversation piece for the home or office. The basket features a 6.5 inch height and 12 micro chains, making it perfect for small objects like coins and bottle caps. Its 1/8 inch welded wire construction ensures durability, making it a lasting and unique gift for disc golf aficionados.

13. Dynamic Discs DyeMax Laser Kitty

gifts for disc golf-Dynamic Discs DyeMax Laser Kitty

This disc is versatile and designed for players of all skill levels, capable of achieving various flight paths from long anhyzer lines to straight shots and fades. Made from durable Tournament Plastic, the disc provides an excellent grip and is sure to last many rounds. Its eye-catching Laser Kitty design adds a fun twist to the player’s collection. The disc’s weight of 170 grams and above offers stable and predictable flight, making it a suitable gift for both beginners and seasoned players.

14. Ript Revenge Disc Golf Card Game

gifts for disc golf-Ript Revenge Disc Golf Card Game

Ript Revenge is an engaging card game designed to be played during a round of disc golf. It’s best for 2-4 players and brings a fun and competitive twist to the game. It comes in a compact size to fit easily in any disc golf bag and offers a unique option of playing for skins or strokes. The game is an excellent way to make a round of disc golf more exciting and is ideal for family and friends.

15. RIPT Showdown Disc Golf Card Game

gifts for disc golf-RIPT Showdown Disc Golf Card Game

A sequel to Ript Revenge, Ript Showdown takes the fun to another level by allowing players to use a mixture of good and bad cards on themselves and opponents. It plays out during a round of disc golf, making it a lively addition to the game. It’s designed for 2-4 players and fits comfortably in any disc golf bag, making it a must-have for social rounds. Just like its predecessor, the game can be played for skins or strokes, adding more spice to your disc golf sessions.

16. Ript Revenge Deck Holder

gifts for disc golf-Ript Revenge Deck Holder

This deck holder is the perfect storage solution for disc golf card games like Ript Revenge and Ript Showdown. It fits two packs of cards and includes a carabiner for easy attachment to your bag or belt. There’s also a pocket for quick access to your personal hand of cards. With this holder, you’ll never lose your cards and can effortlessly bring extra fun to the course.

17. Disc Golf Keychain with Bottle Opener

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Keychain with Bottle Opener

This keychain serves a dual purpose by adding flair to your keys and doubling as a bottle opener. Made from premium metal, this durable keychain is designed to last. Its unique disc golf basket design showcases your love for the game, while the built-in bottle opener ensures you’re always ready to enjoy a refreshing drink on the course.

18. Disc Golf Cart

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Cart

This disc golf caddy is a game-changer for any serious disc golfer. It can comfortably carry up to 25 discs, relieving back strain often associated with carrying a disc golf bag. One of its standout features is the top of the cart, which doubles as a portable seat capable of holding up to 300 lbs. With additional features like large zippered storage, tubeless foam tires, and a telescoping handle, it offers convenience and comfort, making it an exceptional gift for tournament play or casual rounds.

19. Midrange Discraft ESP Buzzz Disc

gifts for disc golf-Midrange Discraft ESP Buzzz Disc

A versatile midrange disc suitable for players of all skill levels, making it a fantastic gift for both beginners and seasoned disc golfers. Its reputation as Discraft’s most popular disc speaks to its reliability and effectiveness on the course. Additionally, the mesmerizing swirl design isn’t just visually appealing; it also makes the disc easier to locate. As an added bonus, this gift package comes with a free mini marker, making it a complete set for any disc golf enthusiast.

20. Disc Golf Backpack

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Backpack

An ideal gift for anyone passionate about disc golf. It features large storage capacity, accommodating over 20 discs, while its additional pockets offer space for water bottles, smartphones, and other essentials. Its durable 600*600D polyester material ensures longevity, and the comfortable, breathable straps make carrying a fully-loaded bag easy on the shoulders.

21. Lite Disc Golf Basket with Transit Bag

gifts for disc golf-Lite Disc Golf Basket with Transit Bag

For those serious about improving their disc golf skills, the MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Lite Disc Golf Basket makes an exceptional gift. The basket comes with 24 chains designed to minimize weak pockets, ensuring that your throws stay in. Quick assembly and disassembly make it convenient for both permanent and temporary setups. Additionally, this PDGA-approved basket comes with a specialized Black Hole Transit Bag for hassle-free transportation.

22. Disc Golf Laser Rangefinder

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Laser Rangefinder

This gift features Z-mode technology to measure elevation, which can significantly enhance throwing accuracy. With measurements in both feet and meters, it’s extremely versatile, and its fast-ranging scan mode allows for quick distance assessments. Its one-button design makes it user-friendly, ideal for those who want to focus more on the game than the gear.

23. Portable Neck Fan

gifts for disc golf-Portable Neck Fan

Staying cool on the course is essential, making this Portable Neck Fan an excellent gift for disc golf players. The fan offers 360° cooling with three different speed options, allowing the user to remain comfortable in various weather conditions. It’s also lightweight and hands-free, so it won’t interfere with the game. Plus, its quiet operation and long battery life ensure it can be used throughout an entire round.

24. Glow in The Dark Tape

gifts for disc golf-Glow in The Dark Tape

This tape charges quickly under any light source and provides up to 10 hours of luminescence, perfect for nighttime rounds. It’s waterproof and has a strong adhesive, ensuring it stays in place even in tough conditions.

25. Wet Wipes

gifts for disc golf-Wet Wipes

These wipes make an often-overlooked but highly appreciated gift for disc golfers. Keeping hands and discs clean during a game can make all the difference. They are septic-safe, perfect for use in outdoor areas with public restrooms, and offer a shower-fresh clean that any disc golfer will appreciate.

26. LED Lights for Disc

gifts for disc golf-LED Lights for Disc

This 8-pack of very bright LED lights can be easily attached to discs thanks to their adhesive backing stickers. An On/Off button adds to the convenience, allowing players to conserve battery when needed.

27. Mini Stroke Counter

gifts for disc golf-Mini Stroke Counter

This gift makes scorekeeping simple and accurate with its dual-dial design that can count the shots or putts for two players simultaneously. Its bead chain allows for easy attachment to a golf bag, belt loop, or pocket, making it a practical and portable choice.

28. Hydration Pack

gifts for disc golf-Hydration Pack

An ideal gift for disc golfers who spend long hours on the course. Its 85oz water capacity ensures that players stay well-hydrated, while the breathable air mesh back panel and lightweight mesh harness offer comfort throughout the day. A secure zippered pocket provides space for essentials like keys or a phone. Additionally, the pack’s reflective accents help to improve visibility in low-light conditions, making it a multifunctional and practical accessory for any disc golf enthusiast.

29. Insulated Cooler Sleeve

gifts for disc golf-Insulated Cooler Sleeve

With its ability to hold up to six 12oz cans and keep them cold for up to five hours, it’s perfect for an extended game. The durable materials ensure longevity, and an adjustable shoulder strap offers convenient transport. Its versatility makes it useful not just for disc golf, but for any outdoor activity.

30. Micro Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for disc golf-Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Its waterproof and dustproof design makes it ideal for outdoor use, and its tear-resistant strap ensures it can be easily attached to a bag or cart. The speaker offers exceptional sound quality, making it great for listening to music or podcasts on the course. Plus, its long-lasting battery ensures that players can enjoy their favorite tunes for the duration of their game.

31. Disc Golf Gloves

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Gloves

The Flick-Grip technology enhances the player’s flicks, adding spin and increasing distance, while the synthetic leather palm offers durability and grip in all conditions. They are also designed for all-weather use, making them highly versatile. Light-weight and breathable materials keep hands comfortable, completing the package as an excellent accessory for disc golfers.

32. Mid-Range Disc

gifts for disc golf-Mid-Range Disc

For those serious about disc golf, the Discraft Z Buzzz Mid-Range Golf Disc is a must-have. Known for its consistency and compatibility with a range of playing styles, it’s a reliable option for both beginners and seasoned pros. The low profile and stable flight characteristics make it a go-to for any course conditions. Its varied weight range also allows players to choose a disc that best suits their playing style.

33. Putter Disc

gifts for disc golf-Putter Disc

It offers reliable and predictable flight, excels at high speeds without fading, and is constructed from prime plastic for excellent grip and durability. This disc is versatile enough for use off the tee pad and for putting, making it a valuable addition to any player’s bag.

34. Driver Disc

gifts for disc golf-Driver Disc

Known for its control and accuracy, this fairway driver is easy to throw and versatile enough to suit various power levels. The Retro Burst plastic blend ensures that the disc will break in easily, adding to its appeal. With flight ratings that promise speed and glide, it’s a standout gift for anyone into disc golf.

35. Hand Warmer

gifts for disc golf-Hand Warmer

With three adjustable temperature levels and a long-lasting 5200mAh battery, this hand warmer ensures comfort during those cold outdoor games. It’s made of durable, high-quality materials and is also great for charging electronic devices, making it a versatile and thoughtful gift for disc golfers.

36. Personalized Water Bottle

gifts for disc golf-Personalized Water Bottle

Its double-wall insulated stainless steel construction keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, perfect for long games. The flip-top sipping straw and screw-on lid add convenience, and the personalized engraving makes it a special and unique gift.

37. External Power Bank

gifts for disc golf-External Power Bank

A slim and powerful portable charger, perfect for disc golfers who like to stay connected. It offers versatile charging options and ensures that phones or other devices won’t run out of juice during a long day on the course. With its durable construction and safety features, it’s a practical and reliable gift for any disc golf player.

38. Disc Golf Storage Rack

gifts for disc golf-Disc Golf Storage Rack

It can hold up to 40 discs, is stackable, and even comes with three disc separators to keep your collection organized. Designed by disc golf enthusiasts, its robust construction ensures durability, making it a practical and long-lasting gift.


Choosing the perfect gift for a disc golf enthusiast doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With our comprehensive guide, you can find something for every level of play, whether it’s essential equipment like discs and baskets or game-enhancing accessories like bags and rangefinders. By selecting a gift from our curated list, you’re not just giving a material item but contributing to the recipient’s passion for disc golf. So go ahead and make your gift selection a winning throw!

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