52 Best Gifts for Archery: Gear, Gadgets, and More

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Archers

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, finding the perfect gift for an archer can be challenging. But fret not, because this guide will help you aim true. We’ve gathered an array of gifts for archery enthusiasts that will make them quiver with joy. From bows and arrows to gloves and arm guards, we’ve got all the essentials covered to help you hit the bullseye with your gift selection.

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Essential Gear: Bows, Arrows, and More

When it comes to archery, the first thing that comes to mind is a bow. There are different types of bows, including compound bows and recurve bows, each with their unique characteristics and benefits. A high-quality bow makes for an excellent gift, but if your archer already has one, don’t worry! Arrows are another critical piece of gear; they come in various types and materials, tailored to different kinds of archery. Don’t forget about the bowstring; a quality bowstring can significantly impact an archer’s performance. Other essential gear includes gloves to protect the hands and an arm guard for added safety.

Accessories and Targets: Elevate the Archery Experience

Archery is not just about the bow and arrows; there are other accessories that can enrich the experience. Gloves are not just a protective element; they can also provide a better grip and improve performance. An arm guard can add both style and function to an archer’s attire. Bowstrings, too, come in various materials and tensions to fine-tune performance. Lastly, an archer is only as good as the target they practice on. A high-quality target can make practice sessions more efficient and more enjoyable.

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Archery Gift List

1. Nose Button

archery-Nose Button

The lightweight and easy-to-install button ensures that the archer has the same anchor point with each draw, elevating the level of accuracy. Additionally, it comes in two sizes and eight different colors, allowing for a personalized touch. Tested and praised by 13-time world champ Levi Morgan, this gift promises championship-level performance.

2. Mini Compound Bow and Arrow Set

archery-Mini Compound Bow and Arrow Set

Made of durable stainless steel, this palm-sized bow is perfect for indoor target shooting and even comes with a survival bow feature. The set includes 12 arrows and boasts strong power despite its small size, making it a versatile and fun gift. With high-quality workmanship, it’s not just a shooting accessory but also a collectible ornament for archery lovers.

3. Pin Sight

archery-Pin Sight

It features a green hood accent and three ultra-bright fiber optic pins for enhanced visibility. The sight also includes a precision-installed bubble level and multiple mounting holes, ensuring a customized fit for both left and right-handed archers. This gift combines innovation with universal fit, making it a perfect choice for archers at any skill level.

4. Archer Figurine

archery-Archer Figurine

This handcrafted figurine makes an excellent trophy or desk decoration. Its unique design can brighten up any workspace and also serves as a perfect gift for holidays, retirement, or special occasions for those who love archery or hunting.

5. Practice Carbon Arrows

archery-Practice Carbon Arrows

These arrows are precision-made for durability and designed for draw weights ranging from 35 to 60 pounds. With replaceable, adjustable nocks and nickel-plated stainless steel tips, these arrows offer both longevity and versatility. The colored plastic fletching ensures the arrows always point the right way, contributing to more accurate and efficient shooting.

6. Beginner Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

archery-Beginner Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

Designed for ease of use, this set includes a 44.3-inch bow with a draw weight of 16-20 pounds, nine safety fiberglass arrows, and multiple target faces. With safety measures such as non-sharp arrow tips and an arm guard, this bow and arrows set also places a premium on safety, making it ideal for beginners.

7. Archery Score Sheets Log Book

archery-Archery Score Sheets Log Book

This journal includes score cards for recording rounds and notes, making it easier to track progress over time. It’s a thoughtful and useful gift for both training and competitions, helping archers to identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.

8. Vintage Archery T-Shirt

archery-Vintage Archery T-Shirt

Archery Arrow American Flag T-shirt makes a stylish and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves archery. The distressed vintage design features a red-colored arrow incorporated into the American flag, making it a patriotic and sporty fashion statement. Made with a classic fit and double-needle sleeve and bottom hem, it’s not just a t-shirt but a way for archers to express their passion for the sport.

9. Arrow Rest

archery-Arrow Rest

Made of high-strength black plastic that can endure up to 2000 arrows, these rests are both lightweight and robust. The self-adhesive back makes them easy to install on the bow riser, and they come in sets designed for both right and left-hand shooters. With strong support features, these arrow rests help protect the bow and enhance shooting accuracy, making them a valuable addition to any archer’s gear.

10. Bow and Arrow Necklace

archery-Bow and Arrow Necklace

Its size and the inclusion of a high-quality matching lobster clasp make it a versatile accessory, fit for both casual and formal wear. With its long-standing cultural significance, the bow and arrow symbol on the necklace resonates with anyone who has a passion for archery.

11. Original Hunting Bow Patent Prints

archery-Original Hunting Bow Patent Prints

Four unique 8×10 unframed photos that pay homage to the history and innovation in archery, making it an insightful and captivating gift. Its versatile design allows it to fit effortlessly into various room decors, and the prints are easy to frame to match individual tastes. These prints not only celebrate archery but also make for a thoughtful and customizable gift for archers and bow hunters.

12. Arrow Earrings

archery-Arrow Earrings

These earrings appeal to both style and passion for archery. Comfort and elegance meet as they come pre-packed in a branded cloth jewelry bag, ready for gifting on any occasion. They represent a gift that symbolizes the archer’s precision and focus, while also being a chic and wearable accessory.

13. Mini Archery Bow Set

archery-Mini Archery Bow Set

Its 3:1 reduction based on a classic composite bow style means it captures the essence of traditional archery, while remaining compact and portable. The set includes a bow, 10 arrows, and a paper target, making it a complete package for practice or casual shooting.

14. Bow Sling

archery-Bow Sling

It offers three carrying modes, including a silent hunting mode and a fast movement mode, providing unparalleled adaptability in different outdoor situations. Made from durable and stretchy neoprene, it protects the bow from environmental factors, while the padded shoulder sling ensures comfortable carrying. With quality materials and a design that minimizes noise and friction, this bow sling is a thoughtful gift for anyone serious about archery.

15. Archery Target

archery-Archery Target

Its 4-sided shooting design offers contrasting aiming points, accommodating different types of arrows including field points, broadheads, and expandables, thereby expanding the user’s practice options. The patented open layer design not only halts arrows effectively but also facilitates easy removal, reducing shooter fatigue. Moreover, its portability, thanks to a lightweight build and convenient carrying handle, coupled with its long-lasting durability, makes it an economical choice.

16. Bow Stabilizer Kit

archery-Bow Stabilizer Kit

The high-modulus carbon fiber body is lightweight and flexible, while the damping system is solid and stackable, allowing for personalized weight adjustments. This kit offers everything an archer needs for a better shooting experience, making it a great gift for those looking to upgrade their equipment. The matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication.

17. Fletching Jig

archery-Fletching Jig

An ideal gift for archers who enjoy DIY projects or need to repair their arrows. Its adjustable clamps allow for precise and varied fletching applications, making it highly versatile. Quick-set magnetic clamps make the process smooth and straightforward, and the compact design means it can be easily stored or taken on the go. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to take their archery skills to the next level by customizing their own arrows.

18. Youth Safety Archery Set

archery-Youth Safety Archery Set

Designed for distances over 200 feet, the ultra-lightweight impact arrows provide a powerful yet safe shooting experience. The set is built for durability, featuring fiberglass bow limbs and a connected 3-arrow clip quiver. This kit not only offers an exciting way to get active outdoors but also serves as an excellent introduction to the world of archery, making it a fantastic gift for youngsters eager to try the sport.

19. Three Finger Protective Gloves

archery-Three Finger Protective Gloves

Designed with a three-finger tab and high-quality cow leather, this glove is tailored to guard against discomfort and slipping during archery activities. Its adjustable Velcro strap ensures a perfect fit, allowing for a more accurate and enjoyable shooting experience.

20. Personalized Archery Ornaments

archery-Personalized Archery Ornaments

The Personalized Archery Ornaments are a heartfelt and unique gift for anyone who enjoys archery. Handcrafted in South Carolina, these ornaments made from sustainable natural birch wood add a specialized touch to any Christmas tree or year-round decor. They can be customized for a truly personalized gift that will hit the mark for archers, coaches, or teams. Beautiful yet functional, these ornaments capture the essence of the sport and make for a charming keepsake.

21. Hunting Rangefinder

archery-Hunting Rangefinder

With a high accuracy of up to 800 yards and fast reading speed, this device includes three modes: Distance, Target Lock, and Speed. Its ergonomic design and fast focus make it easy to use, and it comes with full-time customer support, making it a reliable and invaluable tool for both hunting and target practice.

22. Forearm Guard

archery-Forearm Guard

Made from robust full-grain leather, this forearm guard offers exceptional durability and comfort for long-term use. It’s a practical and stylish way to protect the forearm while shooting, and its lifetime guarantee ensures that it’s a gift that will last.

23. Rustic Leather Archery Finger Tab

archery-Rustic Leather Archery Finger Tab

Handmade from full-grain leather, it not only looks sleek but also provides durable finger protection. The glove’s design is finely hand-stitched by artisans, ensuring a durable finish for a lifetime of use.

24. Archery Accessory Box

archery-Archery Accessory Box

A must-have for any archery enthusiast looking to organize their gear effectively. Its camo design also adds an outdoor flair that complements the archery lifestyle.

25. Archer’s Ground Stake

archery-Archer's Ground Stake

Easily stepping into the ground for maximum support, this stake’s bow holder fork rotates 360° to accommodate compound bows. Its portability makes it perfect for hunting out of a ground blind or during target practice, and the included arrow ring adds an extra layer of convenience.

26. Archery Paper Targets

archery-Archery Paper Targets

Made from wood-free printed paper to reduce glare, these 40cm standard dimension targets are officially aligned with the rules of the International Archery Federation. The high-quality material ensures durability, and a pack of 30 ensures plenty of practice opportunities.

27. Archery Target Pins

archery-Archery Target Pins

Made of durable plastic and manganese steel, these pins are designed to hold target face or paper securely on EVA foam, hay, or paper targets. Easy to use and sturdy, they are a small but essential addition to any archer’s toolkit.

28. Archery Bow Scale

archery-Archery Bow Scale

This digital bow scale is a fantastic gift for archery enthusiasts due to its multi-functionality and high precision. With its four function options and strain sensor technology, this scale allows for accurate measurements of both recurve and compound bows, enhancing the tuning process. The digital display and various operation modes make it user-friendly.

29. Archery Compound Bow Release

archery-Archery Compound Bow Release

A perfect gift for both new and experienced archers, the TruFire Patriot offers easy use with its adjustable Velcro strap and sturdy steel trigger. It enhances shooting accuracy with its adjustable trigger sensitivity and is versatile enough for both left and right-handed shooters.

30. Archery Allen Wrench Set

archery-Archery Allen Wrench Set

A must-have tool for any archer, this Allen wrench set is made from industrial strength tool steel and offers nine different wrench sizes. Its one-piece construction eliminates the issue of loose tools, making it durable and efficient. The slip-resistant finish adds a layer of safety, making it a practical gift for anyone looking to maintain or assemble their archery equipment.

31. Back Arrow Quiver

archery-Back Arrow Quiver

Offering flexibility and convenience, this quiver can be carried both on the back and the hip. Its quality polyester fabric makes it durable, while the Molle system allows for customization. Its lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to carry, serving as an excellent accessory for shooting and target practice.

32. Hip Quiver

archery-Hip Quiver

With three arrow tubes and multiple pockets, this quiver is highly functional and made from durable Oxford fabric. It allows for easy access to arrows and other archery accessories, making it a convenient choice for archers of all ages. The adjustable nylon belt ensures a good fit for users as young as 10 years old.

33. Compact Arrow Case

archery-Compact Arrow Case

Offering secure storage and transport for up to 28 arrows, this case is a reliable choice for archers. Made from heavy-duty material and featuring durable latch closures, it ensures optimum protection. The accessory box and broadhead box offer additional storage, making it a comprehensive storage solution for archery gear.

34. Led Lighted Nocks for Arrows

archery-Led Lighted Nocks for Arrows

These lighted nocks are a great gift for those who enjoy archery in low-light conditions. They fit arrows with a 6.2mm inside diameter and come with a bowstring-activated on-off switch. The included screwdriver makes it easy to manage, and the long battery life ensures usability for extended periods.

35. Archery Bow Trainer Resistance Band

archery-Archery Bow Trainer Resistance Band

This training aid is an ideal gift for archers looking to improve their strength and technique. Made of anti-break latex resistance bands, it allows archers to practice their form and increase pulling strength without the need for a bow and arrows. Its portability means archers can train anywhere, and its suitability for all skill levels makes it a versatile choice.

36. Archery Arrow Puller

archery-Archery Arrow Puller

This rubber-made arrow puller is a convenient and essential tool for archers. Its anti-slip, soft molded handle ensures a good grip, enabling easy and safe arrow removal from targets. The added keychain design allows it to be attached easily to a belt or quiver, making it a practical gift for anyone who spends time at the archery range.

37. Bow String Finger Savers

archery-Bow String Finger Savers

This gift offers an ideal solution for anyone looking to protect their fingers while shooting. The soft rubber material minimizes bowstring abrasion and prevents slipping, enhancing your archery experience. It comes with a 2-in-1 function, acting as both a finger guard and a nocking point, eliminating the need for additional gloves or tabs. The included Needle Tool also simplifies installation directly onto the bowstring, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for any archery enthusiast.

38. Recurve Bow Stringer Tool

archery-Recurve Bow Stringer Tool

This high-quality nylon fabric stringer is essential for recurve and longbow users. Designed for simple and practical operation, this tool prevents both user injury and bow damage during the stringing process. Its 74-inch length and 0.78-inch width make it universally useful, making it an excellent gift for archers of all levels.

39. Archery Broadhead Case

archery-Archery Broadhead Case

An archer’s dream for organizing and safeguarding broadheads. The waterproof ABS box holds up to 28 broadheads and features a customized foam insert with 33 holes, providing a secure and flexible storage solution. Three smaller boxes with sponges offer added convenience for hunting trips, allowing for easy and silent transport. It’s a smart and essential gift that ensures an archer’s expensive and dangerous broadheads are well taken care of.

40. Practice Field Tips

archery-Practice Field Tips

These high-quality steel points are engineered to be the ultimate field points for archery practice and hunting. The CNC lathe ensures high precision, guaranteeing that the arrow flies straight and hits the target exactly. Various sizes and weights accommodate different types of bows, including recurve, compound, and crossbows, making it an adaptable and reliable gift for any archer.

41. Bow String Wax

archery-Bow String Wax

Bow string wax is an invaluable gift for archery enthusiasts, serving as a fundamental component for bow maintenance. It helps to extend the life of the bowstring by reducing fraying and safeguarding it against elements like dust, dirt, and moisture. A well-waxed string can also improve performance, leading to smoother arrow release and more accurate shots. Given its practicality and the need for regular application, bow string wax is both a thoughtful and essential gift for anyone committed to the sport of archery.

42. String Silencer

archery-String Silencer

This gift is an archery accessory that every recurve or traditional bow user will appreciate. Made of premium lightweight otter hide, the silencers effectively reduce vibration and improve shooting accuracy. They are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to install, making them an excellent gift for enhancing the archery experience.

43. Bow String and Cable Dampener

archery-Bow String and Cable Dampener

These dampener reduces noise and vibration, increasing the performance and lifespan of bow strings and cables. Easy to install without a bow press, these 14-grain dampeners are compatible with both crossbows and vertical compound bows. They offer a straightforward way to improve an archer’s experience, making it a thoughtful gift.

44. Padded Bow Hanger

archery-Padded Bow Hanger

This sturdy steel construction mount is perfect for displaying two compound bows. Its 12-inch extension from the wall allows easy access, and the protective padding prevents damage to the bows. Whether installed in a home, workshop, or cabin, it makes for an elegant and practical way to store and show off prized bows, making it a wonderful gift for any archery aficionado.

45. D Loops

archery-D Loops

A must-have accessory for any compound bow user. Designed with 4 screws, it ensures that arrows do not slip off the bowstring, improving stability and shooting accuracy. Easy to assemble with the included screwdrivers, it also prolongs the life of the bowstring, making it an efficient and thoughtful gift for archers.

46. Bow Case

archery-Bow Case

The ultimate gift for archery enthusiasts, providing robust protection with its hard-shell plastic construction and foam bed. It comes equipped with an arrow storage rack and is lockable for secure transportation, making it an all-in-one storage solution. The ergonomic integrated handle adds to its portability.

47. Buck 3D Archery Target

archery-Buck 3D Archery Target

Offering life-like practice, this target features realistic size and antlers, providing archers a nuanced target. Its Polyfusion Technology ensures easy arrow removal and extended target life, thanks to its replaceable insert core. This gives archers a high-quality, durable practice option for honing their skills.

48. 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target

archery-6-Sided Arrow Archery Target

This 6-sided arrow archery target is built for longevity with PolyFusion layered core technology, offering easy arrow removal as well. Its versatility extends to stopping all types of arrow points, and the design includes multiple aiming points on all sides, making it a multifaceted training aid.

49. Archery Bow Release Pouch

archery-Archery Bow Release Pouch

Designed for convenience and quick access to archery accessories. Made from ultra-tough nylon, it has a belt loop for easy attachment and multiple pockets, making organization effortless. It’s an excellent choice for archers who value both function and style.

50. Archery Wrist Sling

archery-Archery Wrist Sling

Constructed from 100% full-grain leather coupled with resilient 550 paracord, it is designed to last, offering both sturdiness and versatility. The sling is also quickly adjustable, allowing for a custom fit that enhances an archer’s comfort and control over the bow. Its inclusion of survival-ready paracord makes it not just a useful archery accessory, but also a valuable tool for outdoor adventures.

51. Hunting Backpack

archery-Hunting Backpack

Blending functionality and style while providing ample storage space and a natural camouflage pattern for hunters. With its comfortable, adjustable straps and well-organized pockets, it’s a versatile gift for any archery or hunting enthusiast.

52. Windfloaters


Far more advanced than traditional wind-indicating powders or smoke, these windfloaters provide a longer-range and more reliable method for reading wind and thermals. The lightweight, compact design makes it simple to carry, fitting easily in a pocket or pack. With about 75 uses per container, it’s a durable and highly useful tool that could significantly increase the chances of a successful hunt.


Selecting the perfect gift for an archer might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With our comprehensive guide, you’re armed with the knowledge to choose from essential gear like bows, arrows, and bowstrings to accessories like gloves and arm guards. Whether your archer is into compound bow shooting or prefers the elegance of a recurve bow, we’ve got something for everyone. Make your next gift a bullseye by considering these archery essentials.

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