24 Idaho Gifts: Celebrate with Gem State’s Charming Finds

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Discover the Perfect Idaho Gifts

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Idaho gifts, where we celebrate the unique charm of the Gem State. Whether you’re looking for a special memento for a loved one or a delightful keepsake for yourself, our range of Idaho-themed gifts captures the essence of this diverse state. From Boise to Sun Valley, our curated selection offers a variety of Idaho gift ideas that embody the state’s rich culture and stunning landscapes. Explore our assortment and find the perfect gift that brings a piece of Idaho into your home or the heart of someone special.

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Explore Idaho Themed Gifts for Every Occasion

Dive into our treasure trove of Idaho-themed gifts, where each item tells a story of the state’s heritage and beauty. Our collection features a variety of products that celebrate everything from Idaho’s famous potatoes to the scenic vistas of Sun Valley. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show someone you care, our Idaho gift ideas are thoughtfully selected to suit any occasion. From handcrafted items that reflect Boise’s vibrant culture to souvenirs that echo the tranquility of Sun Valley, our range offers something for every taste and preference.

Bringing the Best of Boise and Sun Valley to Your Doorstep

Our Idaho gifts selection is a tribute to the state’s most iconic landmarks and traditions. Discover Boise-themed gifts that capture the city’s dynamic spirit, perfect for those who love urban charm. For the outdoor enthusiasts, our Sun Valley inspired gifts bring the beauty of Idaho’s mountainous landscapes into their homes. Each product in our collection is carefully chosen to represent the best of the Gem State, from its rich agricultural heritage symbolized by the potato to its nickname as the “Gem State,” reflecting its natural treasures and vibrant history.

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Idaho Gift Ideas

1. Idaho State Shaped Cutting Board and Charcuterie Serving Platter

Idaho-Idaho State Shaped Cutting Board and Charcuterie Serving Platter

This unique cutting board, shaped like Idaho and adorned with artwork by Fish Kiss, is a delightful gift for anyone who cherishes the Gem State. It doubles as a charcuterie platter, making it perfect for hosting gatherings where guests can reminisce about their Idaho adventures.

2. There is No Place Like Idaho Candle with Lime Basil and Mint

Idaho-There is No Place Like Idaho Candle with Lime Basil and Mint

The There’s No Place Like Idaho candle captures the essence of Idaho’s natural beauty with its refreshing blend of lime, basil, mint, and mandarin. It’s an ideal gift for those who hold Idaho dear, evoking memories of its vast wilderness and pristine landscapes.

3. Idaho Spud Chocolate Candy Bars

Idaho-Idaho Spud Chocolate Candy Bars

For a sweet taste of Idaho, the Famous Idaho Spud Chocolate Candy Bars are a delightful treat. These bars are a unique and tasty way to celebrate Idaho’s culinary delights. Packaged in a specialty candy box, they make a great gift for anyone who loves Idaho or enjoys trying regional specialties.

4. I Love Idaho Tshirt

Idaho-I Love Idaho Tshirt

This I Love Idaho T-shirt is a fantastic gift for anyone who adores the Gem State. Its simple yet expressive design showcases a passion for Idaho, making it a suitable present for various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or back-to-school.

5. Idaho State 4 Piece Bamboo Coaster Set

Idaho-Idaho State 4 Piece Bamboo Coaster Set

A creative and functional gift for Idaho enthusiasts. These coasters not only protect tables but also serve as a conversation starter, with each piece representing a quarter of the state. The laser-engraved artwork highlights Idaho’s landmarks, and when put together, they complete a picture of the state.

6. Idaho State Stemless Wine Glass

Idaho-Idaho State Stemless Wine Glass

An elegant and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves Idaho. It’s a stylish addition to any drinkware collection and a great way to celebrate the state’s unique charm. The glass is perfect for sipping favorite wines while reminiscing about Idaho adventures, making it a great gift for both Idaho residents and admirers.

7. Idaho Christmas Ornament

Idaho-Idaho Christmas Ornament

A charming gift, especially for the holiday season. It features iconic Idaho landmarks and symbols, capturing the essence of the state in a delicate brass design. It’s a thoughtful present for those who want to keep a piece of Idaho with them, whether they’re current residents, former inhabitants, or simply admirers of the state.

8. State of Idaho Thermal Changing Coffee Mug

Idaho-State of Idaho Thermal Changing Coffee Mug

The Sunkiss ThermoH Exray Color Changing Mug is a unique and engaging gift. It reveals beautiful landmarks and features of Idaho as it changes color with hot drinks, making it a fun way to enjoy morning coffee or tea.

9. Idaho Huckleberry Gift Basket

Idaho-Idaho Huckleberry Gift Basket

An ideal present for those who savor the flavors of Idaho. This handcrafted crate brings the taste of Idaho’s mountains to the breakfast table and is sure to become a family favorite. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion, celebrating Idaho’s culinary heritage in a delightful way.

10. 60 Piece Idaho State Stickers

Idaho-60 Piece Idaho State Stickers

The Idaho State Stickers pack is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves Idaho’s scenic charm and wants to showcase their state pride in a fun, artistic way. The variety in this 60-piece set allows for creative expression and is perfect for DIY party decorations or as a travel memento.

11. Idaho State Collectible Twist Spoon

Idaho-Idaho State Collectible Twist Spoon

Its elegant metal twist design, coupled with the state logo, makes it a charming keepsake. It’s a small, yet significant way to celebrate memories of Idaho, perfect for display in a collection or as a standalone memento of travels to The Gem State.

12. Idaho State Tote Bag

Idaho-Idaho State Tote Bag

This Idaho-themed travel tote bag is an excellent gift for anyone who loves Idaho or enjoys traveling. Its spacious and versatile design is perfect for a variety of uses, from grocery shopping to carrying books or beach essentials.

13. Someone In Idaho Loves Me Mug

Idaho-Someone In Idaho Loves Me Mug

This charming mug is an ideal gift for friends, family, or colleagues who have a special connection to Idaho. The heartwarming message, Someone in Idaho Loves Me, printed on the mug, makes it a sentimental and humorous gift, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as a just-because surprise.

14. Rockhounding Idaho

Idaho-Rockhounding Idaho

For the outdoor adventurer or geology enthusiast, Rockhounding Idaho: A Guide to 99 of the State’s Best Rockhounding Sites is an invaluable gift. It offers a detailed exploration of Idaho’s rich geological sites, making it an excellent resource for planning excursions.

15. Idaho Rustic Farmhouse Wood State Sign

Idaho-Idaho Rustic Farmhouse Wood State Sign

This rustic Idaho wooden state sign is a wonderful gift for anyone who holds Idaho close to their heart. Made from reclaimed and recycled wood, it’s an environmentally friendly décor piece that adds a touch of Idaho charm to any room.

16. Idaho State Bird and Flower Art

Idaho-Idaho State Bird and Flower Art

A vibrant and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home or office. This colorful pastel wall print, available in various sizes, is a delightful way to brighten up a space while celebrating Idaho’s natural beauty. It’s a thoughtful gift for art lovers or anyone who appreciates a touch of Idaho in their decor.

17. Idaho 22 oz Night Sky Silhouette Mug

Idaho-Idaho 22 oz Night Sky Silhouette Mug

A great gift for coffee or tea lovers who have a special place in their hearts for Idaho. The 3-D raised lettering and night sky design make it a unique and eye-catching piece. Its large 22 oz size and durability, ensure it’s both practical and memorable.

18. State of Idaho Blanket

Idaho-State of Idaho Blanket

Its versatility as a throw, bed topper, or wall tapestry makes it suitable for any home. The blend of virgin and recycled cotton ensures softness and comfort, making it a cozy reminder of Idaho that can be cherished for years.

19. Idaho ID Home State Wine Bottle Stopper

Idaho-Idaho ID Home State Wine Bottle Stopper

This Idaho-themed wine bottle stopper is an elegant and practical gift for wine enthusiasts who have a special place in their heart for Idaho. It’s an ideal gift for those who appreciate both the beauty of Idaho and the pleasure of a well-preserved bottle of wine.

20. Idaho State Flag

Idaho-Idaho State Flag

a perfect gift for someone who takes pride in their Idaho heritage. It’s designed for low-wind areas, allowing the flag to fly gracefully even in gentle breezes. This flag is a fantastic way to display Idaho loyalty, whether it’s flown outside a home or used as a decorative item.

21. Idaho The Gem State Fridge Magnet

Idaho-Idaho The Gem State Fridge Magnet

A charming and functional souvenir for anyone who loves Idaho. The montage design encapsulates the essence of the state, making it a delightful addition to any refrigerator. It’s a small, yet meaningful way to keep memories of Idaho close, perfect for holding up notes or photos.

22. Performance Socks – Idaho Sunset

Idaho-Performance Socks - Idaho Sunset

The Idaho-themed design is fun and shows off state pride, while the compression support and breathable mesh weave provide excellent fit and comfort. These socks are a practical and stylish way to celebrate Idaho in everyday life.

23. State of Idaho Funny Potholder

Idaho-State of Idaho Funny Potholder

A quirky and practical kitchen accessory for Idaho enthusiasts. Featuring a unique design with a potato man and Idaho text, it’s perfect for adding a touch of humor to the kitchen. It’s an excellent gift for those who love to cook and have a soft spot for Idaho.

24. Idaho 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Sun Valley

Idaho-Idaho 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Sun Valley

A wonderful gift for puzzle enthusiasts and lovers of Idaho’s scenic beauty. This puzzle features a stunning image of a ski resort and mountain under a starry night, capturing the essence of Idaho’s outdoor appeal.

Your One-Stop Shop for Idaho Gift Ideas

Thank you for exploring our diverse range of Idaho gifts. We’re committed to providing you with the best Idaho gift ideas that truly represent the state’s unique character and beauty. Whether you’re searching for a piece of Boise’s lively culture or a memento from the serene Sun Valley, our collection is designed to help you find the perfect gift. Keep the spirit of Idaho alive with our exquisite and thoughtful selection of Idaho-themed gifts, sure to delight anyone who holds this magnificent state close to their heart.

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