35 Moon Gifts: Ultimate Guide for Celestial Enthusiasts

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Discover the Magic of Moon Gifts

The moon has long held a captivating place in our imagination, often symbolizing the unknown, the beautiful, and the poetic. There’s no better way to capture this celestial mystique than by gifting something that speaks of lunar wonder. This article showcases a variety of gifts inspired by various facets of space exploration, from monumental moon landings to groundbreaking Apollo missions. Whether your interests lie with NASA’s storied past or SpaceX’s ambitious future, we have gifts that will take you closer to the rockets that have made lunar and space travel possible.

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Diverse Range of Lunar-Themed Gifts

If you’re mesmerized by the lunar cycle or captivated by the science that made moon landings possible, our diverse range of moon-themed gifts will have something that strikes your fancy. Choose from lunar calendars that trace the phases of the moon, moon phase wall art that brings a piece of the sky into your home, or even space-exploration kits endorsed by NASA and SpaceX. These aren’t just novelty items; they are functional and educational pieces that make for stimulating conversation starters. Whether you’re an aspiring astronaut or someone who simply loves to gaze at rockets flying to the moon, these gifts are your ticket to a personal Apollo mission.

Memorabilia that Celebrates Lunar Milestones

For those who are deeply passionate about the landmarks in space exploration, we offer a special category of gifts. These include authentic replica patches from the Apollo missions, scaled-down rockets, and even merchandise from recent SpaceX endeavors. These items are not just gifts but historical keepsakes. They serve as a lasting reminder of humanity’s leaps in space technology, from NASA’s moon landing to SpaceX’s recent achievements. These are the perfect presents for space enthusiasts, history buffs, or anyone who has ever dreamed of joining a rocket crew on a mission to explore the final frontier.

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Moon Gift Ideas

1. Moon Lamp

moon-Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is a captivating gift for anyone enamored with celestial bodies. Its upgraded version features a timing function for automatic shut-off, making it a practical night light. Crafted using advanced 3D print technology, the lamp closely mimics the surface of the moon, allowing you to hold a piece of the cosmos right in your room. With 16 selectable colors and adjustable brightness, it provides a customizable experience for those who love stargazing or are simply fascinated by the moon.

2. Wall Mounted Moon Shaped Planter

moon-Wall Mounted Moon Shaped Planter

A unique gift for moon enthusiasts who also have a green thumb. Made from high-quality, rust-resistant galvanized metal, this half-moon planter offers a stylish and celestial touch to any room. It’s a large enough pot to hold sizable plant arrangements, adding life to its moon-inspired design. This functional yet decorative piece makes for an exquisite addition to any indoor or outdoor space, giving plant lovers a taste of lunar beauty.

3. Moon Rock

moon-Moon Rock

Owning this Real Shooting Star/Iron Meteorite is like having a tangible piece of the moon and stars. Originating from a meteorite impact that occurred around 5,000 years ago, this unique gift brings a slice of celestial history right into your hands. Each meteorite comes with a personalized certificate, making it an extraordinary and personal gift for space enthusiasts.

4. Moon Laser Engraved Crystal Ball

moon-Moon Laser Engraved Crystal Ball

An ideal gift for those with a keen interest in astronomy or lunar phenomena. Made from high-quality K9 Crystal and engraved using advanced 3D laser technology, this sphere serves as a beautiful and accurate representation of the moon. It’s not just a decoration, but an art piece that would add elegance and scientific flair to any room. The accompanying metal stand offers a sturdy display option, making it both a decorative and educational gift.

5. NASA Artemis Notebook

moon-NASA Artemis Notebook

A must-have gift for those eagerly awaiting humanity’s next giant leap in space exploration. The notebook serves as a daily reminder of the upcoming Moon to Mars mission. Its quality build and design make it not only a functional journal but also a collector’s item for space aficionados. Whether jotting down daily tasks or penning thoughts about the universe, this notebook is a functional yet inspirational gift.

6. Paint Your Own Moon Lamp

moon-Paint Your Own Moon Lamp

This Paint Your Own Moon Lamp is a perfect gift for young and aspiring astronomers. It offers a unique blend of creativity and education, as the kit comes with everything needed to create a personalized moon lamp and accompanying space figurines. The set provides a great platform for kids to learn about space while engaging their artistic skills, making it both an educational and fun gift. With 16 colors and rechargeable features, the moon lamp also becomes a vibrant and customized room decoration.

7. Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

moon-Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

A dream gift for anyone enchanted by the moon and stars. Made from soft and high-quality microfiber polyester, this blanket offers a unique luminous design that makes it perfect for nighttime use. It can glow in the dark after being exposed to a bright light source, adding a magical touch to any bedroom setting. The blanket is also machine washable and retains its glowing capabilities, offering both comfort and celestial wonder in one package.

8. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

moon-Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Adds a magical and celestial touch to any home, making it a perfect gift for those who adore the moon and its phases. Made of hand-hammered gold metal moons and delicate chains, each piece is unique, adding to its special allure. Whether hung horizontally or vertically, it offers versatile decorating options for any room. The wall hanging comes in beautiful packaging, making it an ideal gift for birthdays, housewarmings, or any other special occasion.

9. Moon Jewelry Tray

moon-Moon Jewelry Tray

A charming gift for those who love celestial decor. Designed in the shape of the moon, it serves as a beautiful and functional piece where one can place rings, earrings, or other small items. The dish is crafted from high-quality glazed ceramics and features decorative flash dots, making it an elegant addition to any vanity or tabletop. Its small size also makes it a convenient addition to any space, helping to keep your jewels organized while adding a touch of lunar elegance.

10. Moon Ritual Smudge Candle

moon-Moon Ritual Smudge Candle

An exceptional gift for anyone captivated by the moon’s energy and spiritual practices. Made from organic, paraffin-free soy wax, this 6 oz candle boasts a 35-hour burn time that allows the user to fully immerse themselves in mindfulness and meditation during its lunar-themed ritual. The candle is designed to elevate one’s vibrational energy, cleanse spaces, and set intentions, making it an ideal tool for manifestation and energy clearing.

11. SpaceX Hat

moon-SpaceX Hat

A wonderful gift for moon enthusiasts who are also fans of space exploration. This adjustable, polyester baseball cap is not only stylish but also durable, designed to be worn during a variety of outdoor activities. With its high-street fashion appeal and comfortable fit, it is perfect for anyone who loves to pair their interest in the cosmos with everyday wear. This cap serves as a casual yet meaningful way to celebrate one’s fascination with the moon and space at large.

12. Floating Moon Lamp

moon-Floating Moon Lamp

A mesmerizing gift for anyone entranced by the moon. This table lamp, backed by 22 years of experience in magnetic levitation technology, floats and rotates in mid-air, offering a realistic depiction of the moon’s surface. With its touch control and three color modes, it can be customized to fit any mood or setting. This gift not only serves as a stunning night light or desk lamp but also brings the awe of the lunar surface right into your living room.

13. Moon Design Cupholder Coasters

moon-Moon Design Cupholder Coasters

A cool moon design is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys celestial themes. These absorbent rubber coasters are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, keeping your car’s cup holders clean while adding a touch of lunar flair to your vehicle’s interior. The unique design is both vibrant and durable, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Ideal for any car owner who wants to combine practicality with their love for the moon.

14. NASA Patches

moon-NASA Patches

The 7pcs NASA Patch set is a terrific gift for moon and space enthusiasts of all ages. These patches come in various designs, including NASA logos, space shuttles, and even the U.S. flag, all featuring intricate, 3D embroidery that adds depth and quality. Easy to apply through ironing or sewing, these patches are versatile enough to be added to jackets, backpacks, hats, or even t-shirts for a custom space-themed look.

15. Moon Projector Night Light

moon-Moon Projector Night Light

An extraordinary gift that brings the celestial world right into your living room. With its ability to project a lifelike moon on walls and ceilings in three different lighting colors, this gadget offers an immersive experience that’s as educational as it is enchanting. The 360° projection coverage allows complete customization, ensuring you can fill your room with lunar beauty from any angle. Plus, it’s incredibly user-friendly with its USB charging and easy setup.

16. Astronaut Moon Bookends

moon-Astronaut Moon Bookends

A thoughtful and unique gift for any moon enthusiast. These decorative bookends serve a dual purpose: they not only keep your books in place but also bring a cosmic touch to your interior decor. The design features astronauts against a moon backdrop, making it a delightful addition to any workspace or bookshelf. Sturdy, functional, and artistically appealing, these bookends are perfect for both children and adults, turning a simple bookshelf into a conversation starter.

17. Moon Wind Chimes

moon-Moon Wind Chimes

A truly unique gift for anyone captivated by the moon and the celestial. Not only do they serve as a traditional wind chime, providing soothing melodies when the wind blows, but they also incorporate modern solar technology to illuminate your garden at night with moon-shaped lights. This eco-friendly gift charges during the day and releases its enchanting light at night, adding a magical touch to any outdoor space.

18. NASA Stickers Decals

moon-NASA Stickers Decals

These stickers not only showcase a passion for space exploration but are also made of high-quality vinyl that is sun-proof and water-resistant. Whether it’s adorning a laptop, water bottle, or skateboard, these NASA stickers add a personalized touch to belongings and make for a fun, easy way to spruce up everyday items. With 45 different designs to choose from, this pack offers a range of options to express individuality while celebrating the wonders of the cosmos.

19. Moon Backflow Incense Holder

moon-Moon Backflow Incense Holder

A unique, calming experience, perfect for anyone who’s moonstruck. Its artistic design featuring a blue moon, lotus, fish, and waves creates an enchanting waterfall of incense smoke, reminiscent of the moon’s ethereal influence on water bodies. The product comes complete with 100 backflow cones, 40 incense sticks, tweezers, and pads, eliminating the need for additional accessories. Set it up in a windless corner to add a touch of celestial tranquility to your home or office space.

20. Moon Phase Wall Art

moon-Moon Phase Wall Art

An excellent gift for moon aficionados, providing a stylish and natural wooden moon phase wall decor that can be customized to suit individual tastes. It combines Nordic design elements to add a fashionable, yet calming atmosphere to any room. Made of durable natural wood, these moon phases are easy to install with adhesive tape, creating a celestial cycle right on your wall that’ll surely captivate moon lovers.

21. Glass Coffee Cup And Ceramic Star Moon Saucer

moon-Glass Coffee Cup And Ceramic Star Moon Saucer

A magical way to enjoy your favorite beverages. With its golden handle and star-moon saucer design, it’s like holding a piece of the night sky in your hands. It’s versatile, suitable for various types of drinks and occasions, and made of high-quality, food-grade ceramic and glass for durability. Its elegant packaging makes it an ideal gift for moon enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys whimsical home decor.

22. Retro Tin Moon Phases Meanings Sign

moon-Retro Tin Moon Phases Meanings Sign

A quirky and colorful addition to any room, and it’s especially meaningful for those interested in lunar lore. Made of high-quality aluminum, this sign is durable and environmentally friendly. The vivid colors and fascinating moon phase theme serve as great conversation starters, and the pre-drilled holes make it easy to hang, adding a celestial charm to your space.

23. Moon Star String Lights

moon-Moon Star String Lights

Bring a slice of the night sky into your home with moon and star shapes that twinkle across the strings. They are USB and battery-powered, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings. The warm white or multicolored lights create a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for holidays or everyday decor. They would make a dazzling gift for anyone fascinated by the moon and stars.

24. Heat Changing Moon Mug

moon-Heat Changing Moon Mug

A fascinating piece that turns your morning coffee into a lunar experience. The mug features detailed moon portraits that transform to reveal Apollo missions, astronauts, and lunar landmarks when filled with a hot beverage. Crafted from ceramic, it has a comfortable handle and comes in a beautifully designed box, making it an ideal gift for lunar enthusiasts.

25. Earth & Moon Model Kit

moon-Earth & Moon Model Kit

An educational yet fun experience, perfect for young moon enthusiasts. The kit includes everything needed to build and paint a 3D model of the Earth and moon, which even glows in the dark. It teaches kids about lunar phases, eclipses, and other celestial phenomena, making it an ideal STEM gift that combines learning and creativity.

26. Planetary Refrigerator Magnets

moon-Planetary Refrigerator Magnets

Not only decorative but educational, offering an interactive way to learn about planets, including our moon. Made of durable crystal glass and soft magnet, these are safe and easy to attach to any magnetic surface. They come in 12 different patterns, adding a touch of cosmic wonder to your kitchen or workspace.

27. Solar System Science Kit

moon-Solar System Science Kit

Bring the excitement of a lunar mission right into your home. Aimed at kids but fun for all ages, the kit allows you to excavate 15 real gemstones that are hidden as if on the moon. It’s an educational STEM toy that makes learning about geology and astronomy an adventurous experience. With its tools and full-color learning guide, this kit makes for a thrilling, educational gift.

28. Solar Eclipse Glasses

moon-Solar Eclipse Glasses

For anyone with a fascination for the moon and celestial events, the Soluna Solar Eclipse Glasses are a must-have. These glasses are manufactured in the USA by a NASA-approved company and meet ISO and CE standards for safe sun viewing. The glasses are designed to filter harmful UV and IR rays, ensuring that you can safely witness solar eclipses. This is not just a gift, it’s a ticket to experiencing awe-inspiring cosmic phenomena.

29. Astronomy Artwork

moon-Astronomy Artwork

This unique piece of artwork depicting an astronaut rowing in a crescent moon is a captivating gift for anyone intrigued by the moon and space. The surreal imagery inspires the imagination and serves as a daily reminder of the endless possibilities space has to offer. Unframed and easily customizable, this 8 x 10-inch piece is a versatile addition to any home or office. It’s a beautiful fusion of art and astronomy that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

30. Travel Telescope

moon-Travel Telescope

For amateur astronomers eager to explore the moon’s craters and valleys, the Gskyer Telescope is an ideal gift. This telescope comes with a 70mm aperture and a 400mm focal length, alongside fully coated optics, offering high-quality viewing. With a wireless remote and smartphone adapter included, capturing celestial images has never been easier. The telescope is user-friendly and portable, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned stargazers.

31. Moon Wall Map

moon-Moon Wall Map

This intricately detailed moon map by National Geographic is a superb gift for anyone with a love for lunar geography. Printed on thick, display-worthy paper, this map offers a stunning, scientifically accurate representation of Earth’s only natural satellite. It’s not just a map, but a piece of art that would add a touch of sophistication to any home, office, or classroom. Trust in National Geographic’s iconic cartography ensures you’re gifting a high-quality, educational piece.

32. NASA Hoodie

moon-NASA Hoodie

For those who like to wear their passion on their sleeves, this NASA-licensed hoodie is the perfect gift. The classic fit with a twill-taped neck ensures comfort, while the space shuttle, moon, and stars design showcases a love for space exploration. It’s an ideal way to keep warm while star-gazing or simply to express a love for all things celestial.

33. Waboba Moon Ball

moon-Waboba Moon Ball

This isn’t just any bouncing ball; the Waboba Moon Ball is designed to mimic the moon’s surface with 30 specialized craters and is made from Zero Gravity Foam, making it incredibly bouncy. It even produces a unique POP sound with each bounce, making it fun and engaging. Versatile and durable, this ball can be used indoors or outdoors and is great for athletic training or just having fun. For moon enthusiasts, it offers a tactile, playful experience that brings a little bit of lunar wonder down to Earth.

34. NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket Kit

moon-NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket Kit

For those who dream of journeys to the moon, the Estes NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket Kit makes an exhilarating gift. Easy to assemble, even for beginners, this scale model of NASA’s Space Launch System is ready to soar up to 350 feet in the air. While the engines are sold separately, the kit offers a hands-on experience in rocketry, serving as both an educational tool and a thrilling hobby.

35. Space Shuttle Lamp

moon-Space Shuttle Lamp

This 3D-printed Space Shuttle Lamp serves as a beautiful room decoration and a night light, making it a fantastic gift for space enthusiasts of all ages. The lamp comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and can be charged using a USB cable. Whether you’re an adult who’s always dreamed of space travel or a kid with an active imagination, this lamp captures the awe and wonder of the final frontier.

The Moon in the Palm of Your Hand

In closing, our range of moon gifts offers something uniquely celestial for everyone—whether you’re fascinated by historical Apollo missions, intrigued by modern SpaceX lunar plans, or simply captivated by the moon’s mystique. These gifts provide an intimate connection to the lunar wonders that have inspired humanity for generations. Elevate your gift-giving to new heights by choosing a gift that not only celebrates but also educates about the moon and the rockets that help us explore it.

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