40 Unique Mermaid Gifts to Captivate and Charm You!

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The Ultimate Guide to Unique Mermaid Gifts

Are you in search of the perfect gift for a fan of “The Little Mermaid” or mermaids in general? Look no further! We’ve curated an exceptional guide to unique mermaid gifts that celebrate the enchanting world of Ariel and her underwater pals. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or ‘just because,’ our list covers everything from mermaid puzzles to playhouses and party favors. Dive in and discover the magic that awaits!

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Engage the Mind and Senses with Diverse Mermaid Gifts

Mermaid-themed gifts offer a diverse array of options that captivate both the mind and the senses. Beyond puzzles and books, think about board games that center around mermaid lore, or perhaps DIY mermaid craft kits that inspire creativity. Educational toys like mermaid-themed science kits can make learning about marine biology fun and engaging. For those who appreciate art, consider intricate mermaid coloring books or even paint-by-number sets that allow fans to create their own underwater masterpieces. With such a broad range of intellectually and sensorially stimulating gifts, there’s something to enchant mermaid enthusiasts of all ages.

Create Magical Moments for Any Occasion

The allure of mermaid gifts extends beyond the item itself; it’s about the experiences they can bring. Whether it’s fostering imaginative play in children or adding a special touch to celebrations with themed party favors, mermaid gifts offer a universal appeal. They bring people together, elevate special occasions, and make everyday moments more magical.

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Mermaid Gift Ideas

1. Mermaid Slime Kit

mermaid-Mermaid Slime Kit

This is a unique mermaid gift because it allows kids to immerse themselves in the mystical world of mermaids while crafting their own scented, glittery slime. With over 100 styles of mermaid-themed slime that kids can create, from sparkle sugar ocean slime to pearl slime, this kit offers endless possibilities.

2. The Little Mermaid Ariel Sisters Doll Set

mermaid-The Little Mermaid Ariel Sisters Doll Set

This set of dolls featuring Ariel and her sisters is not your ordinary mermaid gift; it provides a full undersea royal family, complete with removable, glittery fins and signature hairstyles. Each doll is posable and invites imaginative play that can mimic the adventures from Disney’s The Little Mermaid or forge new oceanic tales.

3. Birthstone Necklace

mermaid-Birthstone Necklace

This mermaid pendant necklace offers an elegant, adult-friendly take on mermaid fandom. Plated with real rhodium and featuring Austrian Crystal, the necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry—it’s a lasting keepsake.

4. The Little Mermaid Transforming Ariel Fashion Doll

mermaid-The Little Mermaid Transforming Ariel Fashion Doll

This Ariel doll offers a magical transformation feature, making it stand out from other mermaid toys. A simple push of the doll’s shell necklace switches her from human form in an elegant blue dress to a sparkling mermaid. The 2-in-1 transformation captures the essence of Ariel’s dual identity, providing endless storytelling possibilities.

5. 3D Illusion Lamp

mermaid-3D Illusion Lamp

This 3D illusion mermaid lamp creates a captivating visual effect, making it a unique and multifunctional gift. It offers both touch and remote control for 16 dimmable color options, making it adaptable to different moods and settings. The LED lights used are safe and soft on the eyes, making it not only a fun but also a practical gift for nighttime use.

6. Karaoke Microphone with Boombox

mermaid-Karaoke Microphone with Boombox

This karaoke microphone not only allows kids to sing but to perform their favorite tunes from The Little Mermaid. Designed with kid-friendly controls and featuring built-in versions of ‘Part of Your World,’ it’s both an interactive and educational toy.

7. Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket

mermaid-Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket

This is more than just a warm blanket; it’s an invitation into the cozy world of mermaids. The Sherpa lining offers comfort while the wave pattern and mermaid tail design add a magical touch. What sets this blanket apart is the detachable stay-up shoulder strap and the openings at the back and bottom, allowing users to snuggle completely into their mermaid persona. Perfect for various settings like couch lounging or car trips, this blanket appeals to mermaid enthusiasts of all ages.

8. Mermaid Scale Wrapping Paper

mermaid-Mermaid Scale Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper is unique because it enhances the mermaid-themed gifts you’re giving. With a variety of gorgeous mermaid and oceanic patterns, this high-quality paper is a gift in itself. It’s versatile enough for all occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, and it’s environmentally friendly. Even the presentation of your mermaid gift will be an underwater adventure with this specially designed wrapping paper.

9. Metallic Hologram Shiny Mermaid Skirt Costume

mermaid-Metallic Hologram Shiny Mermaid Skirt Costume

What sets this mermaid skirt apart is its suitability for adults, offering a whimsical yet stylish way to express love for mermaids. The skirt comes with a waist pearl necklace, adding a dash of underwater elegance. Made of durable materials and available in multiple sizes, this costume is perfect for Halloween, parties, or any occasion that calls for a touch of mermaid magic.

10. Water Bottle

mermaid-Water Bottle

More than just a vessel for hydration; it’s a fashion statement with its special heat transfer print featuring a mermaid design. Made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, it’s safe for daily use without compromising on style. The leak-proof auto flip top lid allows for easy one-handed drinking, making it convenient for busy school days. Plus, its wide mouth and spout make cleaning a breeze, rounding out its practicality as a unique mermaid-themed gift.

11. Kinetic Sand

mermaid-Kinetic Sand

A unique tactile experience that combines the joys of kinetic sand with the magic of mermaids. The set comes with 1.06lbs of shimmering, neon Kinetic Sand and various mermaid surprises, all contained in a reusable crystal storage container. Designed to encourage creativity and fine motor skills, it’s a sensory delight that never dries out, ensuring endless hours of shaping, molding, and imaginative play.

12. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

mermaid-Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

A gift that blends artistry and challenge, designed to capture the attention of puzzle enthusiasts and ocean lovers alike. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood and featuring a uniquely designed sea turtle artwork, each piece is a mini masterpiece in itself. The high level of difficulty adds an engaging challenge, making it ideal for solo or family activity. It’s not just a puzzle; it’s a sustainable piece of art designed to captivate and challenge your mind.

13. LEGO The Little Mermaid Story Book

mermaid-LEGO The Little Mermaid Story Book

An immersive play experience that goes beyond your standard LEGO sets. Specifically designed based on the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid movie, this set not only includes micro-dolls of beloved characters like Ariel and Ursula, but it also features a revolving statue, folding shell throne, and hidden compartments for added adventure. Its book-like structure is easy to close and lock, making it both a portable and multi-functional gift.

14. Glow in The Dark Mermaid Blanket

mermaid-Glow in The Dark Mermaid Blanket

A unique twist on traditional blankets, making bedtime or playtime a magical experience. Specially designed to glow in the dark after exposure to light, this soft and comfortable blanket keeps the mystical allure of mermaids alive even when the lights go out.

15. Toy Microphone

mermaid-Toy Microphone

A unique gift for budding vocalists and Ariel fans alike. Featuring built-in music and flashing lights, this lightweight and portable microphone offers an immersive Little Mermaid experience. Sing along to ‘Part of Your World,’ and enjoy the colorful, eye-catching light show that puts you right in the spotlight.

16. Purse


More than just a purse; it’s a full dress-up experience designed to delight any little mermaid fan. Aside from its high-quality, glittery material and cute cat design, the purse comes packed with a range of mermaid-themed jewelry including clip-on earrings, a ring, and a matching necklace and bracelet. With its adjustable strap and magnetic snap, it’s designed for ease of use, making it the perfect size for little hands.

17. Cake Toppers

mermaid-Cake Toppers

A unique and all-encompassing way to decorate your cake for any mermaid-themed event. Made from a variety of materials including clay, plastic, and foam, the set includes everything from a mermaid model to pearl balls, catering to all your decorative needs.

18. Party Favors Mermaid Tail Drinking Straws

mermaid-Party Favors Mermaid Tail Drinking Straws

Not your ordinary pack of straws; it’s an experience designed to elevate your mermaid-themed celebrations. Boasting six distinct and vibrant designs, these curly straws are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, making them ideal for kids and adults alike.

19. Floor Puzzle

mermaid-Floor Puzzle

This isn’t just another jigsaw puzzle; it’s a floor-sized, shimmery mermaid wonderland complete with foil accents. It’s educational, promoting visual recognition and fine motor skills in children. Designed for ages 3 and up, the puzzle is not only fun but also serves as a cooperative activity that can be integrated into classroom settings. Its large dimensions and 41 thick, sturdy pieces make it an engaging experience that captivates young minds and makes it a unique gift for any mermaid enthusiast.

20. Mermaid Tail Comforter Set

mermaid-Mermaid Tail Comforter Set

Elevate bedtime with this luxurious, six-piece mermaid tail comforter set that features a romantic mermaid scale glitter design. Made from ultra-soft microfiber and filled for coziness, this set adds a magical touch to any bedroom. It’s not just eye-catching; the set is also easy to care for with machine washable and fade-resistant fabric. This makes it a fantastic and unique gift, suitable for all seasons and various occasions like birthdays or holidays.

21. Mermaid Swim Fin

mermaid-Mermaid Swim Fin

Get your kids swimming like real-life mermaids with these adjustable, durable fins designed for comfort and stability. Unlike standard flippers, these have an adjustable monofin flipper design and come in vibrant purple and pink colors. They fit a range of shoe sizes from 2-11 and feature a quick-release foot strap, making them easy to put on and take off. It’s a fun, functional, and unique gift that would make any child’s swimming experience magical.

22. Mermaid Theme Cake Mold

mermaid-Mermaid Theme Cake Mold

A baker’s dream come true, these mermaid-themed silicone molds are perfect for cakes, candies, and even non-edible crafts like soap or clay. Made from food-grade, environmentally friendly silicone, these molds are not just versatile but also reusable and safe for use in ovens, microwaves, and freezers. Whether you’re making mermaid-shaped chocolates or crafting soap, this is a unique gift that transcends occasions.

23. Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Cooperative Board Game

mermaid-Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Cooperative Board Game

Dive into cooperative play with this award-winning board game where players work together to beat the Sea Witch to Mermaid Island. Designed for 2 to 6 players aged 5 and up, it offers a unique blend of strategy, decision-making, and teamwork without requiring reading skills. With its educational value and all-inclusive design, it makes for a unique gift that promises hours of shared fun.

24. Tinsel Foil Photo Backdrop

mermaid-Tinsel Foil Photo Backdrop

Transform any space into an under-the-sea wonderland with these wavy foil fringe curtains. Their teal blue, pink, and purple hues create a perfect mermaid-themed backdrop for photos or parties. They’re easy to assemble with strong adhesive and large enough to make a statement at 3.2 ft x 6.6 ft. It’s not just another party decoration; it’s a unique gift that helps capture memorable mermaid-themed moments.

25. Terrarium Sand Art

mermaid-Terrarium Sand Art

Blend art and science with this unique terrarium sand art kit featuring an LED night light. Ideal for kids aged 4-10, it promotes creativity while providing a magical, glowing piece of decor. With remote-controlled lighting and various colors, it’s a unique gift that makes both crafting and bedtime a magical experience.

26. Jigsaw Puzzles

mermaid-Jigsaw Puzzles

This 100-piece jigsaw puzzle isn’t just about fun; it’s also educational and comes in a durable metal storage box. Made from safe, non-toxic materials, the puzzle also has numbered pieces on the back to assist younger children. Beyond being a jigsaw puzzle, it helps kids improve their spatial imagination, patience, and analytical skills, making it a unique and enriching gift.

27. Nightgown


A Little Mermaid-themed fantasy gown that transforms bedtime into a fairytale. Made from soft, 100% polyester, it complies with safety regulations for a cozy and safe night’s sleep. Easy to care for and durable through repeated washings, this nightgown makes for a unique and enchanting gift.

28. Vanity


This vanity offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its magical light-up effects that mimic underwater scenery and plays the iconic song Under the Sea. The vanity comes complete with a hidden clamshell that reveals a pearl ring and triggers the unique light effect and music, creating a world of underwater magic. It also features a secret compartment for storing accessories, watched over by figurines of Sebastian and Flounder.

29. Markers Set

mermaid-Markers Set

This mermaid-themed marker set is unique because it comes in a portable tote bag designed like a mermaid case with four zippered compartments for easy organization. The markers themselves are washable and fruit-scented, and the set includes a variety of creative extras like mermaid stamps, stickers, and a 16-page coloring book.

30. All About Mermaids

mermaid-All About Mermaids

A treasure trove of knowledge and wonder for young mermaid enthusiasts, making it a truly unique gift. Unlike typical children’s books, it dives deep into the oceanic world of mermaids, offering fascinating facts about their habitats, lifestyles, and even family structures. The book captivates its readers not just with its informative content, but also with its spellbinding artwork, bringing the mysterious creatures to vivid life.

31. Temporary Tattoos

mermaid-Temporary Tattoos

What sets this mermaid tattoo set apart is its vast array of over 50 different, metallic, and vibrant designs featuring various oceanic characters and items. These tattoos are not only non-toxic but also waterproof, allowing kids to flaunt their mermaid style all day long, even at the beach or pool. They’re easy to apply and remove, making them convenient for both parents and kids.

32. Musical Jewelry Box

mermaid-Musical Jewelry Box

This unique gift captivates with a spinning mermaid doll that dances to the tune of Over the Waves upon opening. The box is not just a musical delight; it also offers practical storage with two pull-out drawers for a child’s jewelry and keepsakes. It’s constructed of durable pine fiberboard, ensuring the box will last, and it’s adorned with timeless watercolor designs that will inspire creativity in children.

33. Toy Lantern Night Light Jar Craft Kit

mermaid-Toy Lantern Night Light Jar Craft Kit

This DIY craft kit allows kids to create their own magical mermaid lantern that also serves as a color-changing night light. Unlike standard art kits, this set combines the joy of crafting with the utility of a functional night light. The kit is inclusive, offering all the necessary items for assembly, such as a wand, glitter, glue, pearls, and a variety of mermaid silhouette stickers.

34. Kids Play Tent Playhouse

mermaid-Kids Play Tent Playhouse

A captivating escape for children who dream of underwater adventures. With its vibrant, detailed illustrations of mermaids, fish, and corals, this tent serves as a centerpiece for imaginative play, providing a unique backdrop unlike any other play tent on the market. It’s not only visually stunning but also practical; it’s made from non-toxic, water-resistant polyester fabric and features fiberglass rods for durability.

35. Face Glitter Gel

mermaid-Face Glitter Gel

not your average body glitter; it’s a unique mermaid-inspired gift perfect for concerts, festivals, and special occasions. With its holographic sequins that shimmer like a rainbow, it serves a versatile purpose—from accentuating your face and body to adding a pop of sparkle to your hair, making it a must-have for anyone looking to stand out in a crowd.

36. Ariel Plush Toy

mermaid-Ariel Plush Toy

A truly unique mermaid gift that combines the love of the classic Disney character Ariel with the irresistible softness of Squishmallows. Made with high-quality, ultra-soft materials, this plush isn’t just another toy but a cuddly friend perfect for hugging and squeezing.

37. Stackable Doll House

mermaid-Stackable Doll House

Offers an immersive experience by allowing kids to explore both of Ariel’s kingdoms—land and sea—in one stackable playset. Beyond just a typical dollhouse, this playset features six distinct play areas recognizable from The Little Mermaid movie, including a pool where water splashes at the push of a button. The set also comes with an Ariel doll that can change from mermaid to human, wearing outfits that shift color when submerged in water.

38. Resin Jewelry Trinket Box

mermaid-Resin Jewelry Trinket Box

A unique mermaid gift because of its intricate craftsmanship and functional design. Hand-cast from crushed stone and high-quality designer resin, this trinket box features a detailed mermaid sculpture seated atop a jewelry box embellished with sea shells and nautical creatures. More than just a decorative piece, it serves as a practical storage option for jewelry or loose change, or even as a prayer box, making it the perfect keepsake for any mermaid collector.

39. Mermaid Tablecloths

mermaid-Mermaid Tablecloths

A distinctive and hassle-free way to bring mermaid magic to any party setting. Made of durable and waterproof PE material, these tablecloths feature designs of fish scales and mermaid elements, adding a whimsical touch to gatherings. Not only are they visually captivating, but they are also disposable, making post-party clean-up a breeze. This set adds an enchanting yet practical element to mermaid-themed parties, making it a unique gift for those looking to host an under-the-sea extravaganza.

40. Ariel Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll

mermaid-Ariel Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll

The set includes one wooden Ariel figure, a variety of magnetic clothing pieces and accessories, and a doll stand, all housed in an easy-to-carry storage tray. With more than 30 mix-and-match outfits, children can engage in creative storytelling about The Little Mermaid, whether she’s on land or under the sea. This combination of imaginative play and hands-on engagement makes it an exceptional gift for encouraging creativity and fine motor skills.

Make Waves with the Best Mermaid Gifts

Your quest for the ultimate mermaid gift ends here. Our comprehensive guide offers a wide array of options, including mermaid puzzles, playhouses, and party favors, suitable for fans of all ages and budgets. Whether it’s a playful toy or a decorative item, each gift encapsulates the magic and allure of mermaids, making them perfect for any occasion. With our guide, you’re sure to make a splash with a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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